Hellenic Properties Investment Management Company is an entrepreneurial real estate investment company targeting value-based real estate opportunities in Greece.

Our philosophy enables us to be both opportunistic and patient with our investments, management approach, and exit strategies. We have a flat management structure which enables our team to quickly evaluate projects and make investment decisions across several sectors in order to capitalize on the dislocations and inefficiencies that are inherent in real estate investing.

Hellenic Properties is an investor in the properties it develops and an investor in the people who occupy them.  We believe that what we do affects people’s lives and we strive to improve them.  Our team has collectively invested over 100 million euro into real estate assets around southeast Europe and have a proven track record of generating superior, risk-adjusted returns.

The real estate team at Hellenic Properties has tens of years of collective experience and has expertise in every stage of the development cycle from acquisition, design and planning through construction and delivery of converted or new-built projects.  We have invested in office, logistics, residential and hotel, as well as retail in the context of mixed-used developments.

Following delivery, we make use of proprietary asset management processes developed from a combination between the hospitality, retail and travel industries to provide reactive, efficient, and value enhancing management.