Investment Philosophy

  • Aligned interests: In every investment, the main emphasis is placed on value creation and capital appreciation.
  • Our interests are income-driven. We do not price in major upward market movements and we don’t need them to make returns work. Investments will yield a respectable income for investors even if the market turns against us.
  • We focus on prime, but not trophy locations. The price premium to acquire trophy location does not necessarily translate into increased profits.
  • We will selectively acquire dated buildings with redundant uses, redevelop and repurpose them into income-generating assets of modern standards.
  • We buy ‘average’ or ‘common’ properties that don’t deviate from the mean making them easier to rent or resell.
  • We want to finance out our cash – or sell if the price is very attractive.
  • If a deal is good, we move very quickly as we are a private group not accountable to committees etc. This gives us preferential access when discretion and/or speed are required by the Seller.
  • Our ‘hold’ period is indeterminate. It is hard to find well-located, high-quality opportunities so when we do, we would like to hold on to them until the time is right. Historically, gains have been realized over a three to five year horizon. Exit strategies are developed in conjunction with management and range from family offices to institutional investors and private equity funds.