Urban 8

Krissis 8, 11364 Athens (Kypseli)

Designed with simple and clear forms based on the principles of modern architecture, Urban 8 is a 7-storey residential development project located close to Kypseli square.

Kypseli is an area of significance and once a distinctive bourgeois neighbourhood of Athens due to its privileged position located near the historical center of the city, north of the Pedion tou Areos Park.

Its most significant spot is the historical pedestrian street Fokionos Negri, which during the 70s was a prime meeting point for intellectual and political elite.

Kypseli has preserved its aristocratic atmosphere with neo-classical or art nouveau buildings standing next to more contemporary ones.

Urban 8’s apartments were sold and delivered to its owners between 2014-2016.


Acquisition Year


Key Tenants